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1066 Game

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1066 Game is a game that is free online and normally brought by the Armor games. 1066 Game utilizes combination of varied techniques, war tactics and combination of mini-games. 1066 Game is a good game for defense and its main goal is to conquer the enemy by killing and frightening several of them. 1066 Game also aims at morale declining of the enemy by attacking them severally or using taunts that they might vanish the field. 1066 Game has three troops that can be controlled namely: Viking, English and Norman armies. The game is played on a large grid and a person can select the troop and can transfer them to the area that is squared ready for battle. Game 1066 is a historically game that is interactive and has a reference to educate and entertain juveniles, a population that is not easy to reach. 1066 Game places a person in action orientation by providing a good stand which is defensive, to be in control of barrage of arrows and cavalry charge. 1066 Game has mini-games and their
role is to increase tension of issued commands resolutions and also a visual style animation by the use of dramatic animation delivering good representation of war of Middle earth. The game has instructions and for full instructions, the section displaying "How To Play" is clicked and various instructions are given. 1066 Game has commands that allows positioning showing the range of units in movement and thus, varied distances can be covered in attacking the enemy. The battle view enables the action to be played once a person selects the "Execute Command". In addition, 1066 Game commands has archery that enables to arrow the enemy. Taunts, chants and availability of a powerful leader are very crucial in winning. In using taunts, the insult button is typed faster to rally the troops and scare the enemies away. 1066 Game has three levels; easy, medium and hard. Wish you a good passtime with this incredible online flash game.

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